We have been a part of the Hillcrest family since the beginning. My oldest son started in the infant room at the age of 18 months

and has flourished ever since. He has graduated from Mrs. Jacki’s class and started Kindergarten this year. His teacher reports he is extremely prepared and already knows what they are learning. Her comment during teacher/parent conference was that it was “apparent he went to a great preschool”.

Before our second was born, I would have never imagined putting my child into day care so young. But because of the care given to our first child, our second son started when he was only 6 weeks old. I was so comfortable with the love my child had received from the staff at Hillcrest, I didn’t hesitate. Our youngest child will graduate from Hillcrest this summer and is already farther ahead than his brother was at this age.

Leaving one’s children in the care of others is a scary experience for any parent. There has never been a moment when I questioned if my children were in a safe, educational, and loving environment. I would not have my children attend any other daycare than Hillcrest Academy!...


- Stephanie S. 12/2008


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Hillcrest Academy believes that a child does most of their learning through the living of the experience. Our philosophy is to teach the classroom guidelines but to expose your child to new ideas and concepts; to give them first hand experience by giving them opportunities that they would not see in most of today's’ cookie cutter childcare centers. Each child is given a chance to experience first hand many life lessons which they can build on and gain a love for learning. Below are just a few of the events that the HCA has hosted over the last few months.

Education through Experience

December  2008


Hillcrest Academy


When I think of Hillcrest Academy, I let out a huge sigh of relief!!  What an amazing school and I’ll tell you why.


During my search of day care and preschools, I visited several locations in the Ocean County Area and in Hillcrest, I found what I was looking for.  It is the perfect balance of learning and fun.


I have two children attending Hillcrest Academy.  My younger son Jake, started in the Infant room and my older son, Luke, started at the age of 3.  They are now 2 and 4, respectively.  I feel confident that my boys are getting the kindest of care and are being developmentally challenged each day.


My younger son Jake came home counting in Spanish the other day; I was shocked.  He knows what month it is and knows all of his shapes and colors with confidence


Luke’s fine motor skills have improved drastically since September and he can rhyme now.  He can write letters of the alphabet, he has become quite the artist, and he is more aware of the days of the week.   He looks forward to show and tell each week which has helped to improve his letter recognition.  I know he will be prepared for Kindergarten next year.


I am fascinated by the progress my sons have made in school and that is proof that they are learning.  And, they get the exercise they need on the Fun Bus each week and they bring home amazing art projects.


The school is structured but not over bearing.  The environment is warm and friendly. The teachers and staff are top notch.  You can tell they care about what they are doing.  They are always pleasant and very down to earth.


The school offers day trips during certain times of the year and the memories of these trips will last a life time.  My son Luke is very reserved but he gets very very excited when he talks about the school trips to Johnson’s Farm to pick pumpkins and vegetables.  The trips are geared towards teaching your child about the season and the environment.


They also have a wonderful summer camp that is filled with exciting activities and you can even enroll your kids in swimming lessons while they attend camp.  How easy is that?


Being a full-time working mother, I wanted my children to be at a place that I felt they were safe, being creative, and enjoying themselves the way they do at home.  A place where they truly “have the world at their fingertips”.  I know I made the right decision in choosing Hillcrest.


- S. Lynn T. BA, RN

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